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Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

One Fine Spring Day :)

Title: One Fine Spring Day
Author: batgirl
Disclaimer: If I own Kim Ryeo Wook, I will not make story about him, I will make stories with him :)

A/N: excuse me English is not my mother language therefore I'm very sorry for any grammatical mistakes and errors.

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Mother never told me how was the day looked like when I was born, she was probably too exhausted to find out the weather outside. I don't know but people told me that giving birth could be really painful so I didn't expect mother to tell me the situation when she delivered me to this world.
"It was one fine spring day." Ryeowook told me when we both eating our lunch at the yard.
"You were there?" I asked him, eyes grow wide, expecting him to tell me more.
Ryeowook nodded.
"I held your tiny hand, auntie was so happy."
So, it was one fine spring day, my 3 years old mind said happily.


As far as my memory could recall, it was one fine spring day when I found Ryeowook crying at the corner of his class room. He was on second grade while I was on my first.
I didn't have to ask.
Ryeowook's figure was too small and delicate compared to other boys at his age, makes him became an easy target for bullying.
"Let's just go home and eat some ice cream later." I assured him and take his right hand.
To my surprise he just slapped my hand and continue his sobbing.
I pout and stomped my feet, walking back home without him, knowing whenever Ryeowook and I fought we always make it up in a split second.


That day came out of nowhere, it was just another random day when butterflies and bees flying around the flowers. Yes, it was one fine spring day. But the news you told me was like a big bomb that you just easily dropped.
Ryeowook and his mother came home from hospital, his mother talked about few things I didn't even understand and she cried badly. I wanted to ask Ryeowook but he just sat there beside his mother and looked so out of place, not to mention very pale.
When both mothers went to the kitchen because my mom insisted to make some tea to calm Ryeowook's mother down, I asked Ryeowook about what had happened.
When he didn't answer and just put his grim face, I playfully tickled him, knowing that somehow he would soften but unfortunately he didn't.
"Go away! I don't want to play with you anymore." He yelled furiously. "I'm going to die very soon!"
It didn't take a second for me to cry. I remember that I never cried that hard in my life before. I have so many friends around but I couldn't take it if I have to lose Ryeowook.
Both mothers came out from the kitchen, Ryeowook's mother quickly apologized for Ryeowook's tantrum and my mother just nodded as if she understood about this whole matter leaving my seven years old mind blank.


"Dear, Ryeowook... He is... Sick." Mother told me, few hours after I finally stopped crying.
"Sick? He could just eat medicine just like what I did and he will be healed soon."
"No dear, it's not a normal disease like fever or flu, it's very bad disease that can take people's live."
"But Ryeowook already went to hospital, right? So it should be fine, right?"
Mother sighed. "Just pray for Ryeowook every night before you sleep, ok?"
"Mom, will Ryeowook die?"
"Everyone will die but it's not our right as human to choose when and where."
I buried my face on my pillow as mother hugged me. Looks like there will be no one fine spring day anymore.


As the day passed by, I barely saw Ryeowook. Mother said he was busy at the hospital to get his disease cured and Ryeowook has been discharged from school as well. Mother said he was homeschooling.
I heard everything about Ryeowook from mother because I didn't have any chance to meet the real person. I still remember the last time he yelled at me and it felt like ages ago. Spring came but it felt like winter for me.
That's why I was nearly fainted when I saw him, Ryeowook stood there in my living room. He looks taller and paler too. I could hear both mothers chitchatted in the kitchen.
"I'm still alive, I didn't die like I told you last time. Therefore i wanna said sorry for everything." Ryeowook said those sentences in a super fast rhythm, he sounded more like mumbling to himself.
I giggled. "Nothing to be sorry for."
I always have soft spot for him, vice versa.
"Let's go outside, one fine spring day is waiting for us." Ryeowook offered.


"Actually today I wanna say goodbye to you. A short goodbye." Ryeowook added when he saw my screwed face when he mentioned about goodbye.
"I'm going to Japan, my disease will be cured there through an operation and once I come back we can always have one fine spring day forever, even on winter days."
"I'll take that as a promise."
Spring never felt so warm and calm.


It was one fine spring day although it was raining heavily outside. I came home, soaked all the way from my head to my toes but I didn't have any time to even breath when I saw mother's face. I ran straight from my piano class eventhough it was raining because mother told me over the phone that she has something important to talk and she told me to come home directly once I finished my class but I've got a feeling that I couldn't wait for the class to finish so I just ran in the middle of heavy rain.
Ryeowook, that liar, he told me that his disease will be cured through an operation but he forgot to tell me that the operation has only 40% chance of success.
Even the sky cried so hard.


Today indeed is another one fine spring day. I've already spent so many spring days, ups and downs, bright and cloudy spring days. Some with Ryeowook and some weren't. But today I put all my activities behind and decided to spend my one fine spring day just with Ryeowook. Two of us. Without anyone, mothers, friends, just two of us. Okay, probably three.
"Ryeowook-ah." I whispered.
Mother once said that the most painful condition for a mother was when she had to watch her children passed away before her but the feeling of losing Ryeowook was too unbearable for me although he is not my child.
Unconciously, I touched my tummy which looks slightly bigger than the last time I visited him.
"The baby is not going to due on spring, but I'm sure it will be one fine spring day when the baby borns although it's probably just another random cold day of autumn. If he's a boy I'm going to name him Ryeowook just like you. Jongwoon has already agreed. And if she's a baby girl then it will be too bad for you." I told him as I giggled.
Lots of people still wondering why I keep visiting you every spring, Jongwoon dislike the idea too at first but slowly he understand. You were my very first friend, you were one of the very first people whom I met.
"You know what? I still hate you for lying to me at that time, but I learn to forgive, you have your own reason I'm sure. Next spring when I visit you again, I will bring Jongwoon and the baby."
I patted the gravestone that has your name and your picture on it as a goodbye sign. You surely love spring because year by year whenever I visited you, it was always one fine spring day. Today's no different.


PS: feedback will be appreciated :) kamsahamnida!

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  1. although this kind of theme is pretty common, but nice story whatsoever. :) please read my stories as well! ^_^

  2. wow it's a fanfic? I like the idea of 'one fine spring day' :)
    I love that song sooo much! And it's about our baby angel wookie ^^

  3. @nara: wow i didn't expect i will meet a fandom friend here :) thx for the comment dear

    @kikiavicenna: thx for the feedback, yeah, the theme was kind of cheesy, sorry D: but that's me. I'm mrs. MBC XD

  4. Farida Susanty29 Oktober 2010 17.24

    Simple, but really well-written :) Mungkin dengan kemampuan menulis seperti ini, bisa memilih cerita yang twistnya lebih edan? :D

  5. @batgirl: urwell :) sering nulis fanfic?

  6. @Farida: well i'll keep that in mind :) ide yg edan tersebut udah ada hoho anyway thx for reading yaaa

    @nara: lumayan sering, yg sampe puluhan halaman udah ada cuman sering putus d tengah jalan *such a bad writer* that's why I prefer one shot.


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