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Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Dear Mom

Oleh : @17thstarlight

D'you recognize this typical quarrel mom?..between u&me.
Quarrels we've been having since I could remember.

Dad once said to's all because of our same personality, mom.
Definitely, your blood's in mine though we don't have same bloodtype.

A psychological article mentioned that It's because you're the closest person on earth to me, mom.
So I could come out my feeling easily to you, even the worst.

Whatever it is mom, d'you ever known..every words I said that hurt you, are hurt me back at the same time.
& the fact that u always have forgiven me before I do, makes my tears nothing.

I might asking to much mom, by not resembling the life u chose.
But if only u could, for one moment, seeing w/ my glasses, u might not hate the things I like..then u might understand why I love those.

I am tired mom, I really am. I'm sorry for not able to make u proud..someday I wish I could.
I love u mom.

But afterall, I realized that u're the only one who always have that telephatic things with me..
U're the one who have so many things to do but still knowing all my favorites..

U're the one who stay beside me everytime I get into the hospital..

It seems like I'm the one who's being selfish all the time..

I'm so sorry mom, I hope there's still enough time for us to work things out..
And someday when I'll be a mother, I hope I could be as super as you :')

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