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Kamis, 09 Desember 2010


By: @kikiavicenna

Can't you hear what the wind tells you,
or see what picture the clouds paint?
They're giving you a sign,
but you don't seem to understand

Can't you feel how the cold air rises,
or how the sun hides from your sight?
They're all giving you signs,
but you don't seem to understand

She's there with sugary words,
she says you're her everything
But will she be there when it rains on your parade?
She's trying to be romantic,
she waits with arms opened wide
But will she be there right when you need her?

She may dance with you under the moonlight
She may give you roses and diamonds
But is it truly for you?
Or is there something else she's after?

She may waste her time to be with you
She may give everything she has for you
But is it truly love?
Is that love?


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