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Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

Elly Is Feeling Blue.

By: Zee (Zahnur Rofi'ah)

There is this blue small elephant, let’s call her Elly. She is the skinniest among the herd. She is as tall as the other elephants, only she is not as big. She is loving herself. Sounds arrogant but it does so make sense why she does what she does. Elly has the wide elephany ears, her waist is fleshy but firm and small, she has a mini round butt, and she has those beautiful long legs. She is the prettiest of all. And there is one more undeniable fact here we need to know. She is blue, among all the grey boring colors of elephants.
“Look at her, today she spends the whole day sitting by the reservoir to admire her own reflection” One grey girl elephant whisper to another less grey elephant. She pretends to whisper when talking but she speaks it out loud. Her voice is echoing all the way from one end of the valley to another, then bounce into the reservoir, tickles Elly’s ear.
“Yes look at her blocking the way of other elephants who need to take water. I wish she’s gone forever and never be back. I wish the rain will wash her skin and turn her skin into the same boring color as ours” Whispers the less grey elephant with less echoing effect.
Elly pretends to not listen. After all, she is the prettiest. After all, she is blue. After all, she is SPECIAL.
Days gone into months and months gone into years. The elephants got more and more restless as the water reservoir gets smaller and smaller. They’ve heard a recent gossip among the herds, whispered by the birds, that an impossibly mean monster called ‘Climate Change’ was the reason of the water scarcity.
Elly, for the first time in her entire narcissist life has this little worry bugging her small brain in his small head. She knows she’s gona be losing her passion. Staring at her blue reflection. With no water, there would be no reflection. With no reflection of her, she would be just an common grey elephant and she cannot bear the thought of being ordinary. That would kill her to the heart. Instantly. Faster than a lightning.
She needs to leave.
She must go somewhere where the water is abundant.
And so as you expect how this story goes, she leaves the herd in search of any bigger body of water.
On the 36th day of her journey, she finds this massive water reserved in the middle of mountains, with lush green grass everywhere. A perfect spot for her to admire her own beauty. She definitely fits the scenery.
She was, as you expected again, sitting there by what so called ‘lake’ admiring her own blueness when suddenly she hears massive and massive herds of elephants. She turns around and drops her jaw. Everyone else is blue.

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