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Senin, 21 Maret 2011

turkey trip


Dove, converse, vaseline, shell, bridgestone, etc :)

There was one funny TV commercial, a cellphone commercial, when there was a guy with small kid--the small kid was using like a bee hat and when his phone rang, the 'tanduk lebah' moved and it was pretty funny :p

Turkey streets are pretty good and there was no traffic at all.

I sat next to Sherly and she kept taking pictures during the way.

I just keep writing and I don't wanna miss any moment I spent in Turkey :)

Helen is now listening to her ipod and I'm writing.

I just drank a cup of Peach Juice and it is served in the bus.

Ahh, I love this trip :)

And the views are all amazing. The weather is not really cold but I still have to buy some coats.

There were a lot of green trees and plants and flowers here and I love them :)

There were mosques also.

Oh yeah, some TV shows looked just like sinetron and telenovela. D'oh. Haha. LOL

-notebook and..

10 January

Dogan family is very nice :)

They welcomed me with a lot of foods.

I ate meatball-rice and also soup :)

They also gave me tea.

They were very nice.

Sumeyye's sister was very beautiful.

Her father worked in mosque and her mother was a housewife.

They have lived in Kocaeli for 6 months

Sumeyye was the youngest among her siblings and she also had two brothers--one was married and the other lived and studied in Istanbul.

I surfed the internet and talked to some friends :)

Ohya I got 3,61 for my GPA! :D

11 January

Couldn't sleep tightly and woke up earlier than Sumeyye :p

I met her neighbour--Tuba :)

Sneezed a lot

Eat a lot of bread for breakfast and cheese :)

Went to school with Sumeyye, met a lot of friends

Also met her teachers etc

Eat only rice for lunch

Then went to izmit but we did nothing except buy sim card -_- and I borrowed 50 usd from Helen

I ate salad for dinner and also soup :)

Turkish people ate a lot!

Haven't taken any pictures :s

I was freezing along the day,tho :p

Learned some turkish with Hacer at night :D

Sadly,Sule--Sumeyye's friend misunderstood one of my sentence -_-

Ohya I said tabaste injam before we got off from the bus :)

January 12

Aaaaa finally I slept tightly last night :)

I woke up at 7 and Sumeyye didn't even realize that I woke up earlier than her.

I ate pretty much breakfast :)

We went to school earlier than yesterday.

I ate more for lunch than yesterday, beans etc,soup,and rice :)

Learned more and more turkish :)

Sordukmo :p

At school I took some pictures and even gave them postcards

We danced in the class and I met their philosophy teacher -_-

Ohya I just figured out that they cheated for test :|

And we watched misery for the English class :/ ugly film!

Then we went to izmit--nebeng philosophy teacher and we saw a caraccident -_- and the teacher even said that turkish people like to look at accident and when they look at it,they will get accident too -_-

Then she dropped us of in front of Dolphin and we came in to look around.

Then we walked to alk evi (idk) by ourselves and bought some traditional snacks and it was too sweet and I got sore throat :|

We were afraid and almost got lost.

There was one man following us -_-

But finally we arrived at McDonald's.

At mcd's shirley and helen bought mcflurry.

Then we went to aiesec office and we got nothing to do.

We danced like some stupid ppl

But I was glad to meet Jose and Bruna frm Brazil and I could learn some portuguese :)

Then we walked around with Bruna to look for boots,coat,and dictionary.

I couldn't find any boots.

But we finally found dictionary.

At first it was hard but finally we met a lady who spoke English and she helped us to find dictionary.

Then we walked around by ourselves and we went to a street that was full of bars and clubs. Scary :/ so,we decided to leave and walked around.

Then we went to gulluoglu--restaurant we bought potatoes. 1 portion for 3 of us :p and we were very full :s bruna got herself a glass of tea

The staff even wanted to give us free meal but we said no

We took some pictures there.

After that I got myself a new sweater :)

Then we went to in front of mcd's and met our hostfamgirls,they just had their English course :)

Then we went home together and Onur texted me. :/

Helen said that I have to be careful with him bcz he was a playboy.

He was dilara's ex-bf

But I didn't know it so I asked dilara and she told us abt their story along the way home

Dilara had some fight with Sule abt German exam and it was bad :|

At home,I got soup for dinner and talked a lot with Dogan family :)

Really nice! :D

13 January


I woke up at 8 o'clock

I had dinner with Sumeyye's parents and sister and I ate a lot.

Bahkan sempet ngemut gula :p

I like Dogan family so much :)

Sempet nyemilin tomat pake garem jg--yummo :D

Then I used the internet and talked to some friends :)

Also chatted with mom and Joan :')

Also texted Gagas and Fandhy

At 12 we went to Hacer's arabic lesson and I used my new sweater (y)

Then we went to Mine's house and then after that we went to the course.

There were a lot of girls in the course and they talked a lot

They were so funny :)

But also made me a lil'bit tired -_-

Then we had some walked and bought some snacks--doritos

After that we went home and I gave Hacer a try of sambal and she said that it was so spicy :|

When Sumeyye's home,after a couple of minute me and Hacer cooked Indomie :D

It was weird because Hacer didn't use spice for Sumeyye's indomie but it was okay :)

Then we talked and chatted :)

I also ate pudding--chocolate,very delicious! :D

Then I suddenly got my swollen eyes.

I didn't know why and I took a capsul of incidal :|

But it was getting bigger so I asked Sumeyye to go to the doctor :)

What funny was the doctor only saw my eyes and she just gave a recipe -_-

Then we went home after we got the meds :)

I was so happy because all of the people really cared about me :)

I just took the meds and I dropped and I'm feeling better.

I will sleep early tonight so I will get better and I could hang out together soon with Helen and Shirley :)

I was so happy also because Sumeyye's mom made me Kiwi-Orange juice :)


14 January

I woke up for couple times last night, but I had a pretty good sleep.

Sumeyye woke up earlier than me and my eyes were getting better tho' I looked extremely sipit :p

I ate two slices of bread this morning and I was glad because there was choco jam ;)

I just realized that the schoolbus fee wasn't 1 lira but it is 0.85

I was happy because everybody really cared about me.

On breaktime, I bought some snacks from 12th grade students who were looking for money for their graduation.

The snacks were somekind of fried rice but it didn't taste like fried rice at all and the other one was a chocolate dessert and I tasted that there was somekind like banana inside it :) I love the dessert

I went to their art room for a while and their paintings were so beautiful :)

I was freezing, sneezing, and so dizzy along the day. I wanted to go to Izmit but my body wasn't good enough. :(

I got dizzy along the day.

School finished at 3.30 PM and there was a national anthem for all of the students for 5 minutes and they said that they always had that in Monday and Friday.

Sumeyye didn't go home with me but she helped me to get the bus. I was afraid if I will get lost but I was okay :) but people stared at me all the time -_-

I was almost be forgotten to get off from the bus but I looked at the driver's mirror and nodded so he noticed that I had to get off and I even saw Hacer in front of the apartment :) she was waiting for me :)

After that,i went upstairs and hacer cooked for me :) we ate rice and beans and it tasted really good :) I love her :)

After that,I went sleeping. While sleeping, I suddenly woke up and saw something in Sumeyye's sofa. I was afraid, so I turned on the light. It was Hacer. She was a lil'bit sick :(

I woke up at 9 o'clock and Sumeyye's dad said that Sumeyye's mom was crying because I was sick :( sorry :(

She asked me to eat some soup, and then take a shower. I did what she wanted :)

They were so kind.

After that, I dried my hair and drunk tea from Sumeyye's mom.

I just got a traditional drink from her mom and it was made from boiled yellow-green apple,cinnamon,and pepper,also lemon. That was pretty good for my throat :)

Ohya I have texted my mom that I was sick and I was glad that she didn't really worry :)

I'm feeling better now and we are chatting a lot about Emir the basketball player in class, Jakarta, Indonesia, Ankara, and my dad :(

I love Dohan family:)

15 January

Woke up at 8.30 and DAPET :(

Couldn't sleep really tight last nite.

I ate pretty a lot for breakfast.

After having breakfast, I looked up my fb and twitter. I had no one to talk to.

Then we rushed to go to Bazaar.

We picked up Shirley and Dilara first before we went to Bazaar.

At Bazaar, I bought a pink-heart-patterned sweater, black thick tights, and a merchandise made from chalk :)

The bazaar was pretty cool and I wanted to buy a magenta dress, but I forgot to tell the price and we were in rush :(

Sumeyye and Dilara went to their course exam, and Shirley and I went to have a walk near the sea.

We even got free kestane from a seller ;)

After that we dropped Shirley home and my hostparents bought me new underwear and pyjamas :) they were so kind :D

Then we went to ship monument and after that we went home.

I quickly uploaded my photos when I was home and talked to some friends. I miss them.

At the evening, the relatives came but Hacer's friend came first. We talked a lot and they said I'm pretty :p there were 2 little kids and they were Sumeyye and Hacer's cousin. They were so cute.

I slept at 11 o'clock.

I got cramp because of the PMS :(

16 January

I slept really tight last night.

I felt like I didn't want to even wake up :p

I ate pretty a lot for breakfast, but I'm still sleepy.

I went to the course with Sumeyye, Dilara, and Shirley, but we spent a moment first at Dilara's to find a right shoes for me :) but we had nothing and I borrowed Dilara's mom hello kitty socks :p

At the course, we met a chinese lady from Hongkong named Jessica :)

We wondered if we can buy new clothes for chinese new year in Istanbul with her.

After that we went to Ncity and I bought 10TL credits for my Turkcell, but the blackberryservice hadn't been available yet :/

Ohya there were also Onur and Tarik, but I'm a lil'bit ilfeel with him tho. -_- with Onur.

We walked around and saw many pretty clothes.

We went to Dilara's home first before we went home and we ate a lot of food. Then I used the internet and talked to some friends etc

After that me and Sumeyye watched Death Becomes Her and saw some ugly dancing videos and there was Sumeyye's mom in the video. So damn funny! :p

I slept at 11 PM and I was so tired because of the PMS.

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