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Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

The Last Date

Lidya Christina Yowendro (@lid_yang)

Her heart throbbed with excitement as the gentle hands which had been covering her eyes slowly moved away. Bright, blinding lights replaced the darkness as she opened her eyes.

“Sam!!” she cried out in astonishment. “This is…”

“Especially for you, for tonight.” The person who had been standing behind her since they entered, moved next to her. He held up her hand and put it in his arms. “This way.”

He smiled and guided her through the room.

She had never seen a place like that. The room was almost empty except for a table and the vase on it at one corner. The chandelier hanging on the ceiling above shone brightly across the room, providing enough light so that no shadow could be seen. The crystals dangling from the chandelier reflected the light to every nook and corner of the room. The windows were tall and gave off a classic atmosphere with the carvings on the windowsills.

They made their way across the room into another smaller room. Sam pushed open the glass door and gestured to her to enter.

“Ladies first,” he said, with the same mesmerizing smile he had been given her since they first met. The exact same smile which attracted her to him in the very beginning of their fateful meeting.

In the smaller room, there were only a table in the centre of the room and a grand piano not far away from it. Sam pulled out a chair for her to sit in. She gladly obliged.

“You are being weird today,” she said, after Sam took his seat across her.

“Am I?”

“Yes, of course, you are! You are so… sweet today, so… gentlemanly.” She gave him a puzzled look.

“Well, I thought I should give you surprises once in a while. So that you wouldn’t forget me.”

“Why would I forget…” She was stopped in her words as Sam motioned her to start the dinner.

The food was delightful. But she couldn’t help asking questions during the dinner, to which Sam replied “Let’s concentrate on eating first. I want this to be the most perfect date.”

After eating, Sam suddenly stood up and walked up the steps to the small stage the piano was placed on.

“This is a piece dedicated just for you. To Clarice.” Sam started playing it. He had always been good at music and his best was the piano. There were an awful lot of times when she would request him to write a piece for her. “Wait till the time’s right,” he would reply.

It was starting to rain as they once again stood at where they had come in.

“Well, what do you think?” Sam asked.

“Not bad,” Clarice chuckled. “But I don’t really like the appetizer, but I love the dessert and that song. I’d never thought you’d play it in a date like this.”

“Well, this is not just a date. It’s our best date!”

“Yes, I know. You are being weird today. What’s up with you?”

“Remember, Clare.” His face leaned closer, causing her heart to beat faster as her cheeks turned redder. “I love you.” Then he gently kissed her forehead.

“I’ve always known that you like me doing that.” He smiled as he pulled his face away.

Then, in an instant, she leaned closer and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you so much, Clare. For everything.” He said as he stepped away from her.

“Good bye, Clare. I love you.”


Clarice was startled by the vibration of her phone.

“Why now?” She groaned.

It was a message from Stacy, Sam’s sister.

Clare, Sam’s at the hospital. He met with an accident. Critical condition. Come now!

Clarice’s heartbeat stopped for a second. Then she thought of the dream she had just had.

“No…” Her phone dropped to the floor.

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